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One-on-one language lessons for maximum result

Fully personalized language learning, tailored to your needs and your learning style

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Specialized courses and practical language trainings for specific functions and industries

Our company offers language lessons in English, French, Dutch, Russian and Bulgarian for beginners and advanced learners. The lessons are fully personalized, tailored to your needs and your learning style. A qualified teacher will help you with pronunciation and grammar, vocabulary and frequent errors.

In addition to the comprehensive language lessons that practice all four language skills, we provide exam training in

  • English (TOEFL, IELTS, FCE, CAE)
  • French (DELF, DALF)
  • Dutch (Integration and State exams)
  • Russian (all levels of TORFL-exam)
  • personalized practical language training for businessmen, sailors, legal and medical professionals

Our students may choose whether they wish to study traditionally, in a classroom in the Hague, by Skype or to enroll in our Virtual Language School

What our students say about us

Olga has been my English teacher for quite a long time now. In these past years of working with her, she has helped me a lot with difficult assignments and I always managed to get high grades on them. Not only was she my English teacher, for a while she has also taught me Russian. I manage to understand and read Russian in a very short period of time. Her teaching style is very effective and focused. She is always well prepared for the lessons and she always does some extra research prior to the lessons. There has been a massive improvement in my writing skills as she has put her effort into helping me with this skill. I recommend her for anyone who has any kind of difficulty in English, whether it is writing, speaking, or reading. As she helped me immensely, I believe she will be a big help to anyone who needs it.

Olga prepared me for Dutch NT2 exam in 1,5 months. The lessons were interesting and intensive, the time flew really fast. Olga has a talent to determine and “eliminate” weak points of every student. She can explain grammar material in 100 different ways. Thanks to her individual approach and motivating lessons I passed all the four exams at the first time. I am very thankful and wish her lots of success. I definitely will recommend her to all my friends and colleagues as the best Dutch teacher ever.

In my opinion, Olga is definitely a professional in her job. She helped me with IELTS exam preparation.When i started attending Olga’s individual classes, I struggled with many different things such as grammar, spelling, paraphrasing and many more. It took Olga literally one class to identify my weaknesses and make a plan what I had to focus on. Thus, I succeeded in IELTS test but most importantly I improved my English generally. I am very grateful to meet Olga and I will definitely come back to learn another language.

It was important for me to find a tutor who would respond to my requirements. Olga is well structured and organized, respects time and agreements. She paid attention to my learning requests and most of all she has a thorough knowledge of the language she teaches. I enjoyed the Dutch language lessons with Olga and can recommend her to anyone who is still unsure whether to go for it or not.

I have had a pleasure of studying English with Olga. She helped me to improve significantly my language skills.
Some of the qualities that make up a good teacher are knowledge of the subject area, enthusiasm, motivation, willingness and ability to use different learning technics. Olga has all these qualities. I never had any questions without answers and in case I had a specific question regarding homework I could contact her anytime and would always receive the answer.

Olga has a perfect command of the languages and skills of a professional teacher. Her language lessons are exciting and memorable. I can recommend her, as language teacher, for people of all ages.

Why us?

  • Devoted language teacher with over 10 years of teaching experience
  • Lecturer in translation at a Dutch university of applied sciences
  • Individual approach to every student
  • Effective and modern teaching methods
  • High exam success rate
  • Up-to-date knowledge about any changes in the exam’s structure
  • CRKBO-certified
  • VAT-exempt lessons since we are recognized as an education provider
  • Possibility of distance learning (via Skype or Viber)
  • Possibility of online learning via Virtual Language School

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